Shrink sleeve labels
You don't hear about Shrink Sleeves labels but you definitely see them. Whenever you go to any store and buy drinking product so the product decorated with some company’s messages, logo, address, provides advertising etc., that are Shrink sleeve labels.

Shrink sleeve labels also known for special design software for product decoration. Heat Shrink Sleeves are a great way to put any types of advertisements on the product. Shrink sleeves typically create from PVC, PETG, OPP, PLA, EPS the film materials.

Here below some Shrink sleeve labels advantages ::

 * Shrink sleeve labels offer packaging solutions

 * Provide tamper evidence by protection caps and lids

 * Reduce inventory costs 

 * Use tamper evident function for product protection 

 * Promotional message, logo or informative messages can be printed as labels on bottles.

 * Up to 9-color printing with a different-different colors

 * Different materials (e.g. Plastic, glass, metal) is allowed and possible to decorate, either full or empty products.

 * 360° decoration with skin tight effect

 * Use for Multi combo sleeve or Combination packaging function

 * Outstanding high print quality

 * Complete protection of print by reverse printing

 * Special effects printed - metalized and glossy silver and gold

 * Shrink sleeve labeling allow easily labeling for complex shaped containers and products

 *The premium design quality shrinks sleeve label full color adds value to your product.

 * A flexible plastic label that covers a whole portion of the products

 * Used to manufacture tamper evident seals

 * Easier and cheaper to produce than custom printed labels

Shrink sleeves provide high color shades and perfect design ability to make your product unique and better recognizable.

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